Japan Open Systems Corporation
Japan Open Systems Corporation (JOPS) offers a comprehensive range of services for information systems, from consulting to development, verification and operation.

Business Details

Business Concept

We offer a comprehensive range of IT services that support all of the potential requirements over the lifecycle of an information system.

Information systems must be able to change in sync with the changes faced by our customers.

Our company, as our customers' IT partner, offers services that can support any phase of a system's life cycle.

  • System Consulting Service
  • System Development Service
  • System Verification Service
  • System Management & Support Service

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Corporate Profile

Utilizing Technology to Contribute to Society.

IT and its related technologies continue to evolve daily, offering an even greater diversity of options when it comes to selecting the technology used in solving problems. The needs of customers are also becoming more complicated and wide ranging. In order to provide an IT service best suited to these circumstances, close attention must be paid to new technologies and the movement of companies, and creative activities must be carried out in a flexible manner and using unique ideas. Furthermore, and above all else, we believe that it is impossible to make a contribution to society unless you have a full understanding of the customer. All of our proposals are created from the customer's viewpoint; we have done our utmost to provide suitable technology at a suitable price and we shall continue to do so in the future. We will endeavor to work even harder to establish our position as a company that is required by society and to educate our personnel to become people required by society.

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